• Special Guests and Lectures

    We have the honor to present our special guest that will be sharing their knowledge and experiences during the Global Meeting.
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  • Global Meeting

    68th Homeopathic Medical League Global Meeting - Once homeopathy has shown and proved these last two centuries its true clinic efficiency that has benefited millions of patients, it is our moment to spread our science, apply it correctly, deepen it in knowledge and protect it.
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  • Discover Ecuador

    There are endless reasons to take a trip to Ecuador, you will be able to visit four amazing regions in one small country, the Pacific Ocean, the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon rain forest and the Andes.
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Program Expositions

Please Remember to check the program exposition and if you are an expositor check your presentation time!

Por favor Recuerda de ver el programa de exposiciones, si eres un expositor verificar tu hora de presentación!

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Message from our President


Dear Colleagues:

Is Latin America once again, it will host our 68th Congress of the LMHI.
Doctors in Ecuador have always been characterized as having a great reputation in teaching, research and clinical application of homeopathic medicine.

The Ecuadorian school has a great tradition in education, schools recognized worldwide, and with an enormous capacity to transmit their knowledge.

Always an advocate for the highest principles of its founder Samuel Hahnemann, representing one of the schools that sticks to the true principles of exercise Homeoapthy.
Because this conference is a great expression and joint efforts to achieve a real spirit of true exchange knowledge, where the main theme is the paradigm of Homeoapthy medicine.

The term paradigm by definition mentions:

"In general, we can define the term paradigm as how to view and interpret the multiple concepts, sketches or models of behavior in all stages of humanity in the psychological and philosophical, that influence the development of different societies and companies, integrated and influenced by the economic, intellectual, technological, scientific, cultural, artistic, and religious to be applied or developments may change depending on the situation for the benefit of all. "

You are welcome to this congresse to promises to be a success.

Dr. Jose Matuk Kanan
President LMHI


We know how important is to share our efforts, enhance our mind and expand the knowledge of Homeopathy so we invite you to register your assistance to this World Conference.  (Registration Link)

Host Hotel


Swissotel Quito is one of the most prestigious hotels in the city, Hotel where the congress will be held. Remember to make your reservation with an exclusive promotional rate for LMHI 2013 conference participants.
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Quito Has It - Video

*Video Property of Quito Visitors Bureau

Main Theme


In the 68th Homeopathy World Congress of the LMHI the theme will be The paradigm of Homeopathic Medicine, we invite you to know more about the development and topics.

Special Guests

As in every LMHI Congress, we are pleased to share our experience with special guests from around the world.

  • Maestro Eugenio Candegabe(Argentina)
  • Dra. Gloria Alcover Lillo (Italia)
  • Dr. Marcelo Candegabe (Argentina)
  • Dr. Mario Draiman (Argentina)
  • Dr. Matheus Marim (Brasil)
  • Dr. Alok Pareek (India)
  • Dr. Antonio Sánchez Caballero (México)
  • Dra. Rosario Sánchez Caballero (México)