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Main theme: The paradigm of Homeopathic Medicine.

68th LMHI 2013 Congress
Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis.

Where: Quito / Ecuador

When: From June 4 - June 7 2013.


1.- Quantum physics in Homeopathic Medicine.

  • Hahnemann and the Cartesian paradigm.
  • Hahnemann and the Newtonian paradigm.
  • Hahnemann, Albert Einstein and Relativity in Homeopathy.
  • Hahnemann, Modern Quantum. The complex and chaos theory.
  • Homeopathic Medicine of the XXI Century.

2.- Homeopathy and Modern Philosophy

  • Homeopathy and Jung.
  • Sistematic Thinking in Homeopathy.

3.- Standards and legality in Homeopathic Medicine

  • Alternative and Complementary Medicine in Homeopathy.
  • Latin American Medical Substance Congress

The Global Meeting also will have daily Work presentations, for more information and to send your Abstract Sumission please click here.

Host Hotel


Swissotel Quito is one of the most prestigious hotels in the city, Hotel where the congress will be held. Remember to make your reservation with an exclusive promotional rate for LMHI 2013 conference participants.
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Main Theme


In the 68th Homeopathy World Congress of the LMHI the theme will be The paradigm of Homeopathic Medicine, we invite you to know more about the development and topics.

Special Guests

As in every LMHI Congress, we are pleased to share our experience with special guests from around the world.

  • Maestro Eugenio Candegabe(Argentina)
  • Dra. Gloria Alcover Lillo (Italia)
  • Dr. Marcelo Candegabe (Argentina)
  • Dr. Mario Draiman (Argentina)
  • Dr. Matheus Marim (Brasil)
  • Dr. Alok Pareek (India)
  • Dr. Antonio Sánchez Caballero (México)
  • Dra. Rosario Sánchez Caballero (México)